I was born with several talents: as a child, I was gifted musically. Singing and musical instruments came to me naturally. But it was not until I picked up a brush that I found myself. I would sit for hours in a new, unknown world. Only painting could satisfy my soul.

People ask how I find the inspiration to paint a particular subject. It comes to me through visions. For example, the tiger, Avatara, Mountain God Spirit. He appeared to me in a dream, elderly, weak and asking for my help. The following night he came again and I was able to escort him back to his path. In my portrait he is young and powerful.

A family crisis kept me from painting for several years. I appealed to God for guidance. The answer came back in one word: paint. What should I paint? The following dawn, in a vision, I beheld a large, brilliant butterfly. And over the next few days I received three cards and letters each bearing a butterfly. I got the hint. Two watercolor butterflies, Blue and Golden, are the result.

I have no subject matter in mind; I wait for inspiration to come.